Supercoco Vegan Coconut Cream Powder

   Made from fresh coconuts
   No preservatives
   No sugar added
   No food coloring
   No animal component
   Richer taste and creamier texture

Supercoco Vegan Coconut Cream Powder is the powdered version of the popular coconut cream. It is the original all-vegan coconut cream powder in the Philippines and it is a 100% organic product as certified by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). This instant mix is gluten-free for a guilt-free vegan diet. It is produced from fresh-picked mature coconuts from the Philippines, and processed by using a modern spray drying and agglomeration technology. This product is all-natural and does not contain artificial flavoring, color, and preservatives. Now, you can enjoy your dishes using Supercoco Vegan Coconut Cream Powder for a richer taste and creamier texture.


Available in 25 grams (0.88oz) sachets packed by 10s in a box. It also comes in 300grams (10.58 oz) tin cans packed by 20's in a kraft box for easy handling and shipping.

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Member of : Organic Coconut Association of the Philippines