Supercoco Coconut Milk Powder

   100% natural and nutritious
   Contains energy-giving nutrients
   Made from fresh coconuts
   No preservatives
   No sugar added
   Suitable for all ages

Supercoco coconut milk powder is the powdered version of the liquid coconut milk. This is the first and original coconut milk powder in the Philippines. It is made from the freshest choice of coconuts in the Philippines. A state of the art spray-drying and agglomeration technology is used in order to produce this quality coconut powdered milk. Supercoco coconut milk powder can be enjoyed either as an instant drink or as an ingredient for dishes and desserts.


Available in 25 grams (0.88oz) sachets packed by 10s in a box. It also comes in 300grams (10.58 oz) tin cans packed by 20's in a kraft box for easy handling and shipping.

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Member of : Organic Coconut Association of the Philippines