Supercoco All Natural Mouth Freshener

   100% certified organic
   Good for mouth ulcer (singaw)
   Relieves mouth and throat discomforts
   Reduces plaque
   Whitens and strengthens teeth
   Rich in lauric acid
   Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal

Supercoco All Natural Mouth Freshener is a portable, easy-spray mouth freshener that gives you an instantly fresher breath. This is made from 100% virgin coconut oil and organic menthol. Virgin coconut oil kills bacteria and germs that cause bad breath and mouth ulcers (singaw). It also reduces plaque, whitens and strengthens teeth and relieves sore throat with regular use. There are no chemicals and harmful substances added that may be harmful to sensitive cheek linings, gums, and teeth. This product is safe for children.


Available in 20ml plastic spray bottles packed by 20s in a box.

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