Supercoco Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

100% natural
No trans fat
No cholesterol, good for the heart
Rich in lauric acid
Anti-fungal, anti- bacterial
Good for skin and hair

Supercoco Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is produced through a fresh dry method. The oil is extracted only from freshly picked matured coconuts in the Philippines. The extracted oil undergoes a series of processes under strict hygienic conditions set by internationally accepted food safety and quality standards (ISO 22000 and ISO 9001). State of the art manufacturing equipments are used to retain its freshness and distinct coconut taste and scent. In addition, no chemicals or preservatives are added, so every consumer is guaranteed of pure unadulterated extra virgin coconut oil.
Supercoco EVCO has many uses. It can be consumed as a dietary supplement. It contains non-saturated fats that are very healthy in reducing cholesterol and prevents heart attack. It has zero trans fatty acid and high in lauric acid. This product is also used for external skin and hair application. It has antioxidants that moisturize dry skin and hair. Supercoco EVCO has a shelf-life of 2 years.


Available in 250ml upright plastic bottles packed by 20's in kraft box. Comes also in 500ml glass jars packed by 12s in kraft boxes.

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